5 Ways to Keep Indoor Cats From Jumping Off Your Balcony

Indoor cats have all the desires to explore and chase that outdoor cats have. So if they are out on your balcony they may jump or fall off if it. This can result in serious injury or even death for your cat.

There are several methods that you can use to keep indoor cats from jumping off the balcony. Not everyone will suit each person’s circumstances. It’s a good idea to check out all the options below and see which if any will work for your circumstances and your cat.

While your cat may not jump off your balcony, they do also stand a good chance of falling off. Cats fall off things more than they would like us to believe.

Do Cats Jump off Balconies?

Yes, unfortunately, they do, and sometimes with quite severe consequences. I’ve seen cats do some extraordinary things and survive when they shouldn’t. Cats have the much-deserved reputation of being able to land on their feet. And they can from quite a height.

They have the ability to turn in mid-air and their feet act like shock absorbers.

But having said that we don’t really want to test the limits of our cats’ abilities and amazing acrobatics. Especially if we have one of the indoor cat breeds that might not be quite so agile.

It’s a definite issue and many cats are injured this way.

As I see it, there are several ways to stop your cat from jumping off of a balcony. Some are better than others in my view. They are as follows:

Don’t Let Your Cat go out On The Balcony

This is not one I agree with unless absolutely necessary. I feel they need outside time. There are a lot of people that disagree with that. That’s their right, but that’s how I feel.

I know how my own indoor cat reacted after 11 years of being inside when he got to experience fresh air for the first time. The joy on his face. I will never forget it. It does depend on your cat to a degree though and only you truly know your cat.

It also depends on your circumstances. It simply may not be possible.

Sooner or later something will happen, and they will get out. It is best to be prepared.

Make sure they have some walking time outside if possible.

Block off the Whole Balcony with Protective Covering

This depends on your balcony shape and size and if you rent or not.

If it is possible, it is worth building a Protective mess around it. It’s not very elegant but a good solution to protect your cat.

Cats are escape artists, and they are very clever if there is an exit they will find it. Even if it is a small slither or gap.

So if you are going to build a covering over your balcony there are some materials you can use.

Things you can use to block off your Balcony:

  1. Fine see-through mesh.
  2. Deer Mesh.
  3. Safety Glass.
  4. Plastic/PVC.
  5. Polycarbonate.
  6. Acrylic sheets.
  7. Combination of materials.
  8. Not very elegant but chicken mesh.

Please be careful if using plastic as it becomes brittle and weak when outside and is subject to weather.

Make it Into A full Catio

You may want to turn the whole of your balcony into a full catio complete with climbing areas, scratch posts, and beds.

Use a Portion of Your Balcony

If your Balcony is large enough you could install a Catio on it if you don’t want it all taken up as cat space.

Keep Your Cat on a Harness While
Out on the Balcony

Go out with your cat and make it your cat’s playtime with you. This means you can keep your cat on a harness and leash (lead).

Do not leave your cat alone with a leash on though as they may get tangled in it and get injured, hung or choked.

Regular Maintenance Checks

If you go for one of the non-harness options make sure you always check if over for safety to make sure there are no exit areas.

Other Balcony Safety Solutions

  1. No matter what solution you have or how high up you, are always supervise your cat while it is on the balcony for safety reasons. It can get tangled or caught in things.
  2. Keep water on the balcony so your cat has something to drink.
  3. Check for any escape routes or damage to the mesh regularly.
  4. Microchip your cat so if it does escape you stand a better chance of finding it.

How to Keep My Cat Jumping From the Balcony If I Only Live On a Lower Floor?

It’s less likely that your cat will be harmed if it jumps off of a balcony on the lower ground (first) floor.

However, if you have left your cat alone it could escape and/or get stolen. Also, if it is not streetwise it could then get injured.

It may not be necessary to enclose it fully if it is on a lower level. Although I think that is the best solution.

Cats don’t like to jump out over things so you can have a 5-foot “fence” then have a curved inward top. Your cat won’t try to jump over it. I feel this is a little cumbersome with a balcony though.

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