Hi and welcome to indoor cat mum.

This site is about what I have learnt about being an indoor cat Mum and I share my experiences with you about Boo Boo my indoor cat  & my previous cat Holly who became an indoor cat as she got older.

As well as that I share our experiences of Willow my mum’s indoor cat and of Katniss and Scarab my sister’s cats who are not indoor cats but have their own stories and experiences to share.

Much of what I have learnt I’ve picked up as I’ve gone along or studied. Or by bitter experience when things have gone wrong.

I hope that this site helps you guys to better understand your indoor cat and to make your indoor cat happy which is what we all want for our cat’s.

About Boo

Boo Boo is my indoor cat. He is half a Ragdoll. He is a flame point Lynx.

I adopted Boo on the 18th of August when he was 11 years old. He had always been an indoor cat. He had no access at all to the outside. His owners gave him up when they were unable to care for him anymore and their children had moved on. He spent a week in another home but he wasn’t suited to their needs. So he found himself back in the cattery again and this is where our story starts.

The first I heard of Boo was when my sister shared a picture of him from the Cats Protection charity. She knew I was looking for a cat and had been for the last year and a half and unable to find one that was suitable for my living area and where the cat would be happy.

Boos write up was that he was a half of a Ragdoll and he was laid-back and horizontal in nature.

When he came to me it was really underweight, his back end was weak and he couldn’t jump at all hardly. His fur was partially matted and chopped up where the vets had had to remove lots of matts.

Although Boo is only half Ragdoll his nature is virtually all Ragdoll. The only time you can see that he isn’t is in his size. He is twice the length of a normal cat he so is not as big as a Ragdoll. He also doesn’t do that Ragdoll thing where he goes limp either.

Boo is one of the most loving affectionate cats that you could possibly wish to have. But he is very much Ragdoll in nature and that he needs lots and lots of attention. He needs to be with you all the time and he does not like eating a different room.


Willow is my mum’s indoor cat. Willow a spent 8 years as a completely indoor cat with no outside access. Willow had a job to taste the food and make sure that it was OK for other cats. She shared her accommodations with 22 other cats. When Willow a retired Mum adopted her.

Mum was intending for Willow to be an indoor cat with some outdoor access on a lead. Willow spent a year with Mum as an indoor cat. And then mum started to take her out on a lead. Things didn’t quite go to plan for Mum and one day Willow become an outdoor cat.

My sister and I helped mum a lot in the first year with Willow and mum’s transition to owning a cat from a dog.

Willow is just adorable. She’s managed to convert many of the older ladies in Mum’s area to like cats who didn’t previously. She’s the sweetest natured little thing. Although she can run rings around Mum from time to time. Willow is still training Mum. She’s a really pretty cat with big eyes and quite petite.

My Sister’s Cats Katniss and Scarab

Katniss and Scarab are not indoor cats. The reason I share them here is that they are part of the family and they have their experiences to share that are relevant to us indoor cat owners.

Also having two cats is very different from having one cat. And also my sister got these two as kittens so they were indoor kittens. This means my sister has unique experiences that I do not have and which I will refer to from time to time.


Katniss was a bundle of trouble when she was a kitten. She was into and on everything. She didn’t like humans much and hadn’t really been handled much either. Probably due to her very energetic somewhat challenging nature.

It’s a testament to my sister’s family’s love and care, that Katniss has become one of the most loving gentle cats that you could possibly wish to have.

Katniss is totally devoted to my niece, she loves her to pieces.


Scarab is Scarab. He is laid back and horizontal like Boo Boo. He loves to drop and roll and have lots of attention. He is totally devoted to my sister. Which is rather annoys my niece and nephew as he will walk over them and straight onto her lap.

Scarab was injured very badly by a car when he was quite young. This is quite a traumatic time for the whole family. Fortunately, he has recovered and is back to his happy-go-lucky self.