Do Cats Sleep More In Hot Weather?

While cats love the heat even they can only take so much of it. There comes a point where it is too hot even for your heat-loving kitty. But just how hot is too hot for them? And does it cause them to sleep more?

Yes, cats do sleep more in hot weather. This is one of the symptoms of a cat that is too hot. Below I have covered why and other possible symptoms that the weather is just too much for your cat.

Also, there can be other issues related to hot weather where your cat is not just sleeping or the reverse can be the case.

How Hot is Too Hot For Your Cat?

Cats are heat-seeking missiles. Most of us will have seen the pictures of several cats all sleeping in the sliver of sunlight. Or we’ve watched our own feline friends zone in on the only patch of sunlight there is.

It can be a surprise to find that despite their love of heat and despite the Egyptian origins of our domestic feline friend they can get too hot!

Just How Hot Is Too Hot For Our Heat Seeking Kitties?

It’s hard to believe that any temperature is too hot for them. I have sat outside in the baking hot sun and my long-furred cat Boo has come and sat on my lap. I sat there melting, and he just looks comfortable. So, it’s hard to believe that they have any issues with heat.

In the end, though it became too hot for even him, and he had to admit defeat and jump off, thankfully.

According to WebMD, it is 130F or 54C which surprised me as I was told it was only 34C (93F).

It certainly wasn’t that hot here, perhaps outside, when Boo was obviously too hot.

How Long Do Cats Sleep For?

Cats typically sleep up to 16 hours on a normal day. Indoor cats and older cats may sleep longer than outdoor or younger cats. Senior cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day.

In hot weather, this can increase. This is because your cat knows it needs to conserve its energy. If it expands too much energy it will get too hot and this can cause illness or even death.

Make sure it is nothing more than just extra sleep though. Below I go over other symptoms to look out for.

It’s Not Just About Extra Sleep in Hot Weather

It’s vital that while your cat will sleep more to conserve energy you make sure it can cool down if it needs to.

  • Provide cooler spots in the house.
  • Iced water in bottles.
  • Air Con.
  • Lots of water to drink.
  • Cooler quiet out-of-the-way places to rest.

This is particularly important for indoor cats as they have limited places they can go.

Are They Sleeping Too Much & Do They Need The Vets?

Boo: Last year it was so hot, and Boo has so much fur, which while should regulate his temperature just looked way too hot for my liking.

I’d done everything I could to keep him cool but the temperature soared (not something that happens too much here so it makes it harder to cope with).

I looked up all the symptoms. I knew what they were really, I just wanted to double-check. He was fine of course. But as any pet parent will know we do worry about them.

What Are Heat Distress Symptoms in Your Cat & What To Do?

Keep an eye on your cat. If it becomes too lethargic or shows other symptoms of distress phone the vet instantly.

Disclaimer: I am not a vet so please take this as general advice and get professional help if your cat is in distress.

The symptoms of heat stroke in your cat are as follows:

  • Although your cat has been sleeping more they may become restless as they get too hot.
  • Like dogs, cats do not sweat through their body the way we do, so they will pant and their feet will become sweaty.
  • As they get hotter they become more lethargic and may stumble about like they were drunk.
  • Their mouth and tongue will become redder.  
  • Their breathing will become more rapid as will their pulse.
  • They may vomit.
  • They can become unconscious.

Please try to avoid all these stages if possible.

If it does get to this point

Contact then take them to the vets immediately

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