How To Keep The Litter Box From Smelling Up The House

If you’ve ever sat in your house when your cat has done his business you will know just how awful the smell of cat poop can really be. It stinks, absolutely stinks. And that’s before it’s even been in the box for more than a few minutes.  But this daily torturous event need not happen.

If you want to know how to keep a litter box from smelling up your house you first need to know the reason why your cat litter smelling. This can be for several reasons. These include the kind of litter, the kind of box, what your cat is eating, your boxes location, and if your cat is sick or not. This article shows is what you can do to reduce the smell and live a more harmonious life with your cat.

Knowing what to do about this problem is easier if you know what’s causing it. Which is why this article covers the various things that it can be.

The Type Of Litter Can Make a Difference to Smell

The kind of litter that you use in your litter box and trays can make a huge difference to the smell that emanates from them. This is really down to personal choice and your budget.

Litter ranges from really cheap very annoying dusty clay litter right up to the really super refined cat litters.

Scented Litter Is it Really an Option?

Unfortunately, to mask the smell a lot of companies like to use highly scented litter. Cats have a really refined sense of smell. Many of them don’t like to use litter boxes with a lot of sent on them so this can cause other issues for you and your cat. Personally, I don’t really like to use scented litters. My cat boo is highly sensitive and starts sneezing if there’s any sent in his litter.

The more expensive clumping litter seems to reduce the overall smell. This is because they are highly absorbent and locks it in.

While not always popular because it’s quite large and can dig into the cat’s feet, I use the natural wood pellets. They are reasonably priced and so long as you clean out your tray fairly regularly they hold the smell fairly well.

Litter Box Cleaning to Avoid Smell

To avoid lots of nasty smells you need to clean your litter tray or box very regularly. I would recommend that you empty out both the poop and the wee every day. If you can, ideally clean out the box as soon as your cat has done his business.

Cats are highly sensitive to smell, and they don’t like going in dirty boxes. So using unscented litter will save other nasty things from happening, like your cat not using his box.

In addition to your daily removal of poop and wee, it’s a good idea to clean out the cat’s litter box completely at least once a week. Although this does depend on the type of litter that you use and how much litter you put into the box. If you use less litter or a cheaper litter you may need to clean it fully on a more regular basis.

More Than One Cat?

If you have more than one cat you need at least one box per cat, plus 1 spare box ideally. This will help to avoid overuse of one litter box and reduce smells.

Type of Litter Box

You can get different types of litter boxes. If you have difficulties with smells perhaps you prefer to use one that is a covered in box shape rather than an open litter tray.

Litter Box Location

Although this does not actually keep your litter box from smelling up your house. If you have a location that is easy for your cat to get to then it’s a good idea to place your little box there.

Of course the danger of this is that you forget to clean it as often.

What Your Cat Eats Can Make a Difference Their Poop Smell

Do a check on what your cat is eating. Different types of cat food can affect the smell of their poop. The cheaper foods can, unfortunately, cause your cats’ poop to smell.

According to Royal Canin Australia what your cats eat is the primary cause of litter box smell. This means that you can control most of the smell that comes from your cats’ litter box simply by changing your cat’s diet to a better diet.

Some cat foods advertise that they put things into the food to cut down on the smell.

A more natural diet is also a good thing to reduce the smell of your cats’ poop. It may be worth looking out one of the better foods so that your cats’ poop doesn’t smell as much.

It’s difficult to give diet specifics because what’s available varies from country to country. But a quick trip to your local pet store for some specific advice might help.

If you are going to change your cat’s diet over to a different food you need to be slow steady and consistent about it. Although better food can improve the smell of your cat’s poop inconsistent eating and quick changes can also upset their tummies resulting in loose smelly poop.

Can You Use Baking Soda/Baking Powder To Mask The Smell of Your Cats Poop?

I’ve researched this before for another reason. Baking soda or baking powder is fine to use around your cat. All you have to do a sprinkle it on to your cat litter.

I’m not a big fan of sprinkling anything onto cat litter. I’ve used special little sprinklers in the past. But since then I’ve learned a lot more about cats.

If Your Cat Is Sick

If you don’t normally have any problems with litter box smells, it may be worth looking into the possibility that your cat might be poorly. If your cat is ill for any reason this may affect the smell of either the poop or the wee.

There are several things that can cause smelly poop in your cat. These can include bacteria, parasites or digestive disorders in your cat.

As I’m not a vet and don’t want to wrong-foot you, I think that a visit to the vet will be needed to find out which, if any of these is the cause.

If Your Cat is Not Neutered

Cat urine smells worse if your cat is un-neutered. This is especially true of males. So, if you have an un-neutered male cat it might be worth considering getting it neutered.  

Best to have a chat with your vet to see if it’s worth doing for this reason or not. If your cat is an indoor cat it’s worth getting it neutered anyway as this reduces some of the stress on your cat and yourself and a household for other reasons.

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